Gas Generators


Generating productivity

Choosing the right gas supply system involves exploring all available options. At Airtec, we have an in-depth understanding of gas delivery systems and applications, as well as the resources to keep your supply system on-line with a reliable backup supply option.

Airtec offers a variety of generating equipment for gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, zero air and oxygen, as well as dehydration and generator back-up systems.

StarGen™ Ultra-High Purity Oxygen Generator

The StarGen™ system is the latest addition to our line of gas generators. It uses our proprietary solid-state oxygen separation and compression technology to provide a safe, consistent and reliable supply of ultra-high purity oxygen. 

Here’s how it works. Room air is directed across the generator’s ceramic membranes, and oxygen is extracted, compressed and stored as 99.999+% pure oxygen that’s ready to use. The generator then senses when oxygen has been used and automatically refills the storage receivers.

The StarGenUltra-High Purity Oxygen Generator is maintenance-free, eliminating cylinder change-outs and inventory management so you can focus on your work.

StarGen™ Ultra-High Purity Oxygen Generator brochure (1.5MB)