A critical part of our team

Airtec is one of the major industrial, medial and specialty gases manufacturers in teh Middle East.  We have a presence in the whole of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. We are focused on making our planet more productive by helping our customers become more profitable, efficient and environmentally responsible. And our suppliers are crucial in making this happen. Explore the information below for more details on what it means to be an Airtec supplier and how to join our team.

From process control equipment to construction services to water treatment compressors, we buy the services, equipment and accessories we need to help our customers do more.

As members of our Airtec team, our suppliers are expected to deliver the same level of commitment and conduct as our own employees. Learn more about these expectations.

At Airtec, we work to ensure the absence of forced labor and child labor within our supply chain. Review the policies that are the foundation of our commitment.