Sustainable Development


Working to sustain and protect our planet

Working with Praxair, Inc., our U.S. joint venture partner, we offer technologies, products and services that support our mission of making our planet more productive. We are committed to improving our customers’ environmental performance. And we do that by developing and implementing applications that help customers reduce operating costs, increase process efficiencies and improve their environmental performance.

Green Technologies & Climate Change


Airtec and Praxair provide innovative technologies that drive economic growth and social value — all while using fewer natural resources and less carbon. In doing so, we’re helping our customers increase their productivity and in many cases, solving environmental challenges.

To see how we’re helping our customers do more with less, take a look at Praxair's U.S. website: 
Green Technologies & Climate Change

External Recognition

Praxair works hard to achieve excellence in sustainability and climate change management, innovation and reporting and have been recognized repeatedly by leading socially responsible investment analyst groups and others for our efforts.

For a summary of how Praxair has been recognized, take a look at their U.S. website: 
Awards and Recognition