Small On-Site Production


Because Efficiency is Key and Downtime is Not An Option

The efficiency and reliability delivered by Airtec and our joint venture partner, Praxair, Inc.'s, small on-site cryogenic nitrogen (N-Plant) and non-cryogenic oxygen (VPSA) production plants, helps greatly ensure the success of your enterprise.

What’s more, Praxair's small on-site plants deliver the results you require safely and in a way that helps you reduce your operations’ impact on the environment.

One-Day Equipment Set-up

Delivered fast and installed quickly, all equipment is set-up in one day (with product following shortly thereafter). In fact, all that’s required beforehand to make that happen is to have foundations and utilities in place.

A high value and very affordable solution, Praxair offers small on-site gas production in the form of “sale of gas” because Praxair builds, owns, and operates the plant at your site connected to your pipeline. You simply provide the utilities and pay for the products you use via a convenient and budget-friendly pricing plan.

View our N-Plant nitrogen and VPSA oxygen offerings to find out how you can benefit from Praxair's small on-site production.