Helping you breathe easier

At Airtec, we take care of your needs so you can take care of your patients. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities trust us to provide medical gases like nitrogen to preserve vital blood and tissue, helium for MRIs, and oxygen and respiratory therapy gases to help patients breathe.

In an industry that touches all of our lives, we know our customers expect the highest quality medical gases and equipment, and the most comprehensive service — and that's what we deliver. We are a single reliable source for medical and specialty gases, equipment and services. Our distribution network is the largest in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.  And we are committed to innovation that helps you stay one step ahead.

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Respiratory Therapy & Pulmonary Function Testing

We can supply you and your staff with a full range of medical gases and multi-component mixtures to meet your needs.


Whether you use Sterilizing Gas 8 or Oxyfume® 2000, we provide the gases required by today’s leading sterilization equipment.

Medical Laboratory

A full line of specialty gases and specialty gas mixtures are available in various grades including ultra high purity and research grades to meet the exacting standards for in-hospital testing.

Minimally Invasive Cryotherapy

Medical gases, such as argon and helium, are available in ultra-high pressure cylinders to facilitate cryoablation procedures for tumor and cancer treatment.

Tissue Transport & Blood Platelet Preservation

Dry ice enables long-distance transportation of biospecimens as well as liquid nitrogen for cryopreservation and blood platelet storage without the use of mechanical freezers.


Advanced Respiratory Systems

Advanced Respiratory Systems

The Grab n’ Go® respiratory systems are made up of highly portable medical gas cylinders and integrated regulators. Each system features a built-in contents gauge so you always know your supply levels.  We also offer emergency oxygen kits, medical oxygen regulators, humidifiers, nasal cannulas, nose masks and aluminum cylinders of different sizes, aluminum and steel cylinder trolleys, liquid nitrogen cylinders and dewars.

High Flow Therapy Delivery System

High Flow Therapy Delivery System

Airtec is the exclusive Middle East distributor for the Vapotherm Precision Flow® Heliox high flow delivery device. We also offer products like medical air or heliox gases, integrated valves, custom cylinder carts, and proprietary connections.

Emergency Oxygen Supply Manifold

When an unexpected event interrupts your bulk supply, our Emergency Oxygen Supply Manifold (EOSM) system can help quickly restore oxygen supply to patients in your healthcare facility. This portable device sits on a moveable cart, rolls easily through a standard size doorway, and attaches to your facility’s emergency oxygen supply connection. It connects your oxygen system quickly and easily to a portable dewar or cylinder and can temporarily help maintain the central system while the primary oxygen source is being restored.


Analytical Services

Airtec offers you a comprehensive analytical testing service program. Our experienced team of professionals is available to answer your questions.

Maintenance Program for Medical Piping Systems

We offer a comprehensive program for medical gas pipeline systems in your facility that includes periodic testing, preventive maintenance, repairs, certification, utility system audits, decontamination services, engineering services, education and training.

Healthcare Facility Optimization & Management

We want to provide you with solutions that promote a safer work and clinical environment, and improve patient care. To do that, we offer a custom 95-point on-site survey through our joint venture partner, Praxair, Inc., to help you stay on top of changing medical standards, monitor and control employee chemical exposure and indoor air quality, and maintain your new and old medical gas systems.

At Airtec, we help you optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of medical gas services that help you manage your gas supply and equipment so you can focus on your patients.